Sophia Hagstromer, 2017 BI Senior

"Lovely people to work with and an overall great time!

-Sophia Hagstromer, BI '17


Rachel Albertson. 2017 SK Senior

"Thank you so much for the amazing experience!  You guys made my senior pictures so fun and I can't wait to see them.  Thanks for making this time so memorable."

-Rachel Albertson, SK '17



Kiley Pugh -NK Senior Model 2

We got to photograph Kiley Pugh once again in her second session!  As before, Kiley did an outstanding job! She is such a fun, easy-to-work-with subject, we couldn't help but create images equally fun! Thank you Kiley!  



Madison Shorter - CK Senior Model '16

We were priveleged to photograph Madison Shorter again for her second model session.  And WOW!  She did equally well as the first time - maybe even better!  You decide! Take a look at these exquisite images!  If you're in need of senior portraits and want "exquisite" and not just "the same old, same old...", contact Madison for a discount referral card, and schedule your own amazing session today!!  Or call us: 360.6981648!



Kiley Pugh - North Kitsap Senior Model 2016

The time of year has arrived when we begin to showcase our senior models for the upcoming graduating class.  We couldn't imagine a better start than to present a show with images of Kiley Pugh, of North Kitsap. Kiley was really fun to photograph!  Her images speak for themselves!  If you are a member of the class of '16 and know Kiley, contact her for a discount referral card. It's not too early to schedule your own unique senior portrait experience and receive 50% off your session!  Session times are limited!  Call 306.698.1648


Courtney McKee - Olympic Senior Model '15 Part 2

Courtney McKee, Olympic Senior Model is proof that beautiful images can be created in the camera room!  Take a look at her slide show by clicking on the link below.  If you know Courtney and are in need of senior portraits, contact her for a discount referral card and schedule your senior portrait experience (360-698-1648).  Rain or shine, you can be a work of art!  Many thanks again Courtney for a fun and beautiful session!


Kimberly Foutz - C.K. '15 Senior Model - 2

It is our pleasure to present our second slideshow of Central Kitsap '15 Senior Model, Kimberly Foutz.  Kimberly is not only stunning, but she is  also a joy to work with! Her  images speak that loud and clear!  If you know Kimberly, contact her for a discount referral card and schedule your own amazing session.  Call us at (360)698-1648!