Enchanting! Martika Parrish

We were rained-out on the day of Martika's mini-session, so we created exclusively in the camera room!  It was a blast!! The result is a show that is soft, dramatic, playful, edgey and fun all at the same time, truly enchanting.  Martika did an outstanding job!  

Martika will be a class of '14 Senior at Olympic High School.  So fellow Olympic '14 Seniors, contact Martika for a discount referral card (if she hasn't gotten one to you already).  Then schedule your own, unique Senior Portrait Session with us!  Be sure to "Like" us on facebook for future updates of Martika, as well as our other Senior Models for the class of '14! 

"The experience was very fun!  I really loved working with them (Cliff and Michelle).  They really know photography and are good at what they do." - Martika

From Martika's mom, Heather Parrish:  "You (Cliff and Michelle) felt like family through every step of the journey. You also wanted Martika involved in the decision making process, allowing her true spirit to come alive.  Great experience!!"



Blossoms and Bicycles featuring Shannon Sandy!

Patience paid off this Spring!  We waited and postponed this session many weeks, anticipating the perfect blooms on these exquisite trees.  And as you will see in this show, the combination of the beauty of the blossoms and the beauty of our model, Shannon Sandy, were well worth the wait!  Thank you Shannon!

Shannon will be a class of '14 Senior at North Kitsap High School.  So fellow North Kitsap '14 Seniors, contact Shannon for a discount referral card.  Then schedule your own, unique Senior Portrait Session with us!  Be sure to "Like" us on facebook for future updates of Shannon, as well as our other Senior Models for the class of '14!

A word from Shannon: "My session was really relaxed.  Cliff and Michelle knew exactly how to have me pose, so I was comfortable.  You knew exactly how to highlight my positive traits and capture my personality..."

This is what her mother, Nicole had to say:  "I would tell anyone considering an appointment how Nelsen's really takes into account the personality of your child - you really made Shannon a part of the session with regard to location, outfits, and make-up.  Speaking of make-up, it was minimalistic, but Shannon was stunning!"

So enjoy Blossoms and Bicycles and Senior Model, Shannon Sandy!


Encore! "Stopping Traffic" with Senior Model, Mekenzie Thompson!

It's time for an encore showinig of "Stopping Traffic"  with Mekenzie Thompson.  She is a class of '14 Senior at Klahowya S.S.  So fellow Klahowya '14 Seniors, contact Mekenzie for a discount referral card.  Then schedule your own, unique Senior Portrait Session with us (698-1648)!  Be sure to "Like" us on facebook for future updates of Mekenzie, as well as our other Senior Models for the class of '14!

Here's what Mekenzie had to say: "...my session was fun, enjoyable, and probably the only time that I liked my picture being taken.  Ever.  I felt gorgeous.  I would tell seniors that Nelsens takes the most amazing pictures that represent who you are.  The whole experience was amazing."




Buyer Beware! In Photo Portraiture - You Get What You Pay For!

"Buyer beware!"  It's a timeless truth that has never been more relevant than in our present digital photographic world.  The advent of digital photography has meant an unlimited amount of creative expression for the professional photographer.  It has been a truly revolutionary, although costly, invention, allowing the professional photographer almost unlimited creative expression.  It has, however, opened the flood gates for untrained, inexperienced, "wanna be" photographers to believe that all you need is a camera, some software and a subject to create "professional" images worthy of commanding a price.  This is where the "buyer beware" comes in.

The professional photographic industry refers to these "wanna be" photographers as "shoot and burn" photographers.  Here's roughly how they work:  They typically do not have, nor would they know how to use, an equipped studio/camera room, backgrounds, sets, props or outdoor environment, in which to work.  Typically they are part-timers that, lacking a professional facility, can only attempt to photograph outside (weather permitting).  They arrange to meet their subject(s) somewhere for the photo session.  Afterwards, they burn a CD of the images that the subject can purchase, hence the title, "shoot and burn."  (Honestly, at that point, why not just save your hard earned money and "do it yourself."  The end result is virtually the same, maybe even better!)  Not to mention that frequently you have little to no recourse when you are dissatified with your images.  Unfortunately, we have dealt with many who have gone this route initially, thinking they could save money, only to realize they need to seek out true, professional quality after being greatly disappointed.  

Contrast this to the truly professional photographic portrait experience, where you are invited to the photographer's state-of-the-art studio.  Time is allowed to properly plan your session beforehand.  Really good studios have a professional makeup artist on staff to make sure your face is photo-perfect, before you step in front of the camera.  Then hours are spent creating many and varied looks.  An experienced photographer can work in the camera room artfully crafting the lighting to achieve any variety of looks, including high-fashion, dramatic, glamorous, fun, elegant, etc.  The session could take you outside or on location as well, where the photogapher is armed with the necessary equipment and skill to know how to favorably harness the outdoor lighting conditions.  Following the photo session, you are allowed to view the created images before choosing which ones you prefer.  The professional will then artwork, process, print, finish and package the purchased photographs or photo products, all proudly displaying the brand of the professional.  The end result is money well spent on heirloom quality images, that you will cherish and proudly display for a lifetime.   All you should have to do is enjoy the photo session experience!  And let the professionals take care of producing the highest quality, finished photos/products!

The choice is clear.  But you need to do your homework!  Here are the do's and don'ts:

  • Do NOT shop photographers by price alone!
  • DO beware of the person without a studio. If they're not serious enough to invest in what is necessary to do things the right way, they're probably not serious or experienced enough to be worthy of your hard-earned money either.  Even if they don't charge much.  Think value!
  • DO find out what you get for your dollar. What service are they going to provide, before, during and after the session? Or are you left with a less than "professional" photo session experience, and a CD requiring you to invest more of your time and resources to get a finished product, that may or may not be worth the hassles.
  • Do NOT choose a photographer that doesn't care enough about quality and reputation to print their own images themselves professionally, or use the services of a professional lab. (Costco is NOT a professional lab!)
  • Do NOT trust a photographer that is not willing to place the studio brand on the on the finished images/products.
  • DO choose a studio/photographer with experience! The ability to work with subjects of all ages, sizes, personalities is invaluable in achieving excellence in portraiture.
  • DO choose a photogtapher that is, has been and will continue to serve your community, rather than the "unknown," here today, gone tomorrow photographer.

Unfortunately this is just a sampling of "do's and don'ts".  But it should help to avoid a bad experience and a bad investment.  Buyer beware of  the "shoot and burn" experience!  You get what you pay for!

We would love you to consider Nelsen's Photographic for your portrait needs.  We have owned and operated our studio in Kitsap since 1986.  And we provide everything necessary to achieve the highest quality photographic portrait art available.  We stand by everything we do, because serving you to the best of our ability is our highest goal.  But don't just listen to me, read the comments posted in the "Review" section of this blog  and our website!

Lucy and Ethel: An Adorable Distraction

Lucy     One of the cutest, sometimes annoying, but always entertaining aspects of a visit to the studio is our kittens, Lucy and Ethel.  And true to their namesakes of the "I Love Lucy" show, our Lucy is spunky and mischievous; while Ethel loves to lay around and eat!  :)

  Meet Lucy.....



                                                    .......and Ethel!

The Most Important Element in a Senior Portrait Session: YOU!

     No doubt the senior portrait experience is a greatly anticipated, once-in-a-lifetime event in all of our lives.  It marks the successful transition from adolescent to adult.  For many it can potentially be the only time one is photographed in a careful, artful manner.  And the images, once created (that will out live all of us), have equal importance to both the senior and the parent.  All of this to say, that who you are as a person, as well as what you look like, is best captured when you allow yourself to FORGET all of this at the time of your session.  Remembering these things could serve to make you nervous.  Simply relax and be yourself!

     Choosing an experienced, talented photographer is the most important aspect in achieving this.  Choose wisely.  And remember:  "You get what you pay for."  It is also important to choose outfits that not only look good on you, but that represent who you are as well.  We recommend that you don't change hairstyles/colors for your session day either, as you may realize, sadly, that the changed look wasn't really you after all.  Including props, sports/band uniforms, dance costumes, pets, are just a sampling of interests that can be incorporated into your session to make your images even more relevant to you.  A highly-creative professional photographer can work with anything you might require to make your once-in-a-lifetime portraits an accurate, beautiful reflection of the real you!

     All of us are created uniquely.  The keys to achieving greatness in your unique senior portrait experience:  Allow yourself to relax!  Don't over-think the session, just be yourself.  Enjoy your photographer(s), and the experience of being photographed in your own personalized​ photo session.

     Consider calling Cliff and me!  We'd love to get to know YOU!

     Look for future posts where I will discuss, among other things, locations in the Pacific Northwest that make for exquisite images,  skin care, make up and fashion!



John 14:6


Beautiful At Any Age Portrait Special

We believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. To celebrate this sentiment, we have decided to have a Beautiful At Any Age Portrait special.  Ladies, when was the last time that you had a pampered, glamorous photo-shoot? Can't remember, can you? Well, this is your opportunity to fix that.  For the next week, we are offering you a special session that utilizes our photographic and makeup talents.  Michelle will give you a full-on fashion makeup job and then Cliff will capture your beautiful face with the most flatterning, studio fashion lighting known to man. You will look fabulous, guaranteed!   

I know it's last minute notice but we are offering this highly specialized session Feburary 1st through the 9th.  We want to be able to do this in time for Valentine's day which means you need to act on this right away.  Just call us at the studio (360 698-1648) and we'll put you on the calendar.  Then bring in some of your favorite outfits and be prepared to have fun and enjoy yourself - that's what this session is all about. The session will require about one and one half hours of your time.

Our Beautiful At Any Age Portrait Special includes your session time, makeup services, photography talents, 1-8x10 and 2-5x7 finished photographs.  All this for only $169. (That's a savings of $98 off our regular Glamour collection).  

Now, any age means anywhere from 20 something to 80 something!  That should work for everybody.  Do it for yourself and your family who love you!