About Nelsen's Photographic

                                                   About Nelsen’s Photographic Design 

Nelsen’s Photographic Design was created in 1986 by Cliff and Michelle Nelsen.  The studio is nestled on sev- 

eral acres of beautiful woods just outside of Silverdale, WA. 

Cliff, an award-winning photojournalist and portrait photographer, studied photography at the world renowned 

Brook’s Institute of Photographic Arts and Sciences in Santa Barbara, California.   He also holds a Bachelor 

of Arts degree in media communications from Central Washington University and was a faculty member at the 

Northwest College of Art in Poulsbo, Washington, where he was the photography instructor for many years.

Michelle, also a talented photographer, specializes in posing, set design and makeup artistry.  She is present 

during portrait sessions to assist Cliff and their clients.  Together, they combine their skills to photograph you at 

your best, while pampering you along the way. 

“After the many years we’ve served the people of Kitsap County and beyond, we continually look forward to 

practicing our art, while capturing and preserving the memories of the people, places and events that make life 

worth living.  We are always grateful that we are able to contribute to the lives of our clients.” 

Cliff and Michelle Nelsen


Darin Clark  commented on  May 26th, 2015

Hi Cliff, I was a student of yours at NCA in '87... I'll let that sink in... I am looking for someone to digitize some artwork for me. Is this something you would be interested in? I am looking at Artsquare as an online portfolio. Let me know what you think. Darin

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