Reviews: Why YOU should choose Nelsens!

"My experience was unbelievably amazing.  I would encourage seniors to take a deeper look into Nelsens because they are amazing!"

-Allison Ness, South Kitsap High School '14


"Cliff and Michelle know exactly how to highlight positive traits and capture personality.  My session was really relaxed and comfortable."

- Shannon Sandy, North Kitsap '14


"My session was super fun! I loved having Michelle do my make up.   It was a very beautiful, natural look.  Seniors should really consider Nelsens!  The price is perfectly reasonable...your photos will come out AMAZING!

- Elisha Claghorn, Bremerton High School '13

...from Elisha's mom, Li Claghorn:

"We absolutely love Nelsens and plan to be coming back! We would recommend Nelsens for senior portraits above any other studio (and I have!) !  There is more character and creativity in each shot and the quality and color in each picture is beautiful!  Michelle does a wonderful job with make up too!"



"Nelsens were really able to personalize my photos exactly how I wanted. Cliff and Michelle don't take the same type of photos like other studios.  They are very original and well done. My portraits turned out great and every picture was perfect to every detail! If you want to get great pictures that are done right, you should go to Nelsens."

-Jessica Sanchez, Central Kitsap High School '13

...Jessica's mother, Jeri Sanchez:

"I liked that you have indoors AND outdoors available in one location, and the fact that you did such an amazing job on make up!  You guys are the best!! We were very happy!"



"My session was fantastic.  You made me feel pretty... I felt comfortable and you made me feel welcome.  I loved when you made me laugh; not too hard but just right to get 'that' smile. Thanks Cliff!"

-Trina Archuleta, Central Kitsap '13

...and from her mother, Jessica Archuleta:

  "Senior Portraits from the Nelsens are totally worth it.  They make your kids feel special; take time to know and understand what they want.  I liked the entire process!  All the photos were FANTASTIC!"




"From the beginning Michelle and Cliff were inviting, making me extremely excited for my session.  Every outfit, look and scene were considered in taking the best photos possible for me. I smiled, I laughed and had a fantastic time the entire session."

-Lisa Schmall, Central Kitsap High School '13

Lisa's mom, Michelle Schmall:

"Nelsen's portraits are completely worth the money, you will want all of the photos.  I liked the amount of pictures taken and the attention to detail to fit my daughter's personality."


"I like how many compliments I've gotten from people I hardly know on how beautifully done my senior pictures were."

-Laura O'Malia, Centrtal Kitsap High School '13

...and from Laura's mom, Amy O'Malia:

"We've had both of our kids senior pictures taken by Nelsens.  You made our kids feel comfortable and the photos were excellent.  Lots of nice photos to choose from."


"My session was successful and definitely worth the time. I felt very comfortable! Nelsen's photos are worth the time and money. The photos will last a lifetime.  My favorite part of the day was getting my make up done, it was very well done, and made getting ready easier."

-Delaney DiGiovanni, South Kitsap High School '13


"My favorite part of the day was the make up and the posing.  I loved the experience!"

-Danielle Chu, South Kitsap High School '13


"I love how many images there were to choose from and how many I actually liked!  My favorite part of the day was getting my makeup done :D"

-Brooke Watson, Kingston High School '13






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